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Because we have a group of great colleagues
we are able to achieve results

Sales Department T・M

Currently, other than the various operations that comes with being in charge of sales, my main role is being the general supervisor for our main sales contacts and the window into the company for our main vendors. In addition to this, I work on preparation of mid/long term plans based on marketing and data analysis, improving business operations, creating processes and supporting the members of my team. Marketing and data analysis are very important. In an information-oriented society, we are able to quickly gather a picture of current trends and the needs of our customer base with ease through the internet and data analysis. However, we cannot rely entirely on this information in order to help inform important decisions for the company. Although some information can be helpful, I feel it is necessary to obtain information from our customers and vendors by actually talking to them in order to set up sales operations for the future. I believe this is the best way. From using the process above, it is a joy when there is a success in sales expansion for a new product. Besides our main electronic components, we recently had an increase in whole orders from the development stage through to production with device parts. I believe that our honest efforts on a daily basis and the ability to make proposals are producing results. Seeing customers being satisfied with the result, that’s when I feel what I do is a worthwhile job. This would be a self-analysis and I wouldn’t be able to check how my customers are actually feeling but when an order is placed in response to my proposal, then that’s when I assume that they are in satisfaction. Another area where I feel worthwhile about my job is to see my junior colleagues growing. For instance, when our visions start to match, what I mean here is, the ways of thinking or judgement criteria become similar and begin to understand what needs to be done just by explaining one or two parts of the problem. When I think back about when they first started at the company, there is something deeply moving, so I have great expectations for further growth and nurturing for my junior colleagues. I execute various sorts of tasks but I definitely wouldn’t be able to realize them on my own. To have colleagues that have gone through the good and bad together and that of whom I can trust, I believe the strength of this fellowship creates the synergistic effect in order to realize our goals. The movement of the market is very fast, and ever changing. However, as long as our job is to provide “service”, then “customer satisfaction” should be something that is unchangeable. How would you like to work together with colleagues who have the same views, and furthermore, work at Fujiwa Electronic where you can fulfill your expectations?


The basis of the customer first strategy
is in the pursuit of technical skills

Device Sales Department H・A

Due to an early influence from my father, I have always been interested in electronic devices since I was a student and had made up my mind to work in the electronics industry. The reason I applied to Fujiwa Electronic was because they not only sold electronic components, but also manufactured custom power supplies. At the Device Sales Department where I belong, we work on development, production management, supplying of components and quality control, and request the production to external partner factories. What particularly left an impression for me was the satisfaction I got when a new client finally accepted my proposal after continuously offering many proposals over a few years. It is easier to understand their viewpoint if you put yourself in the buyer’s position. Customers always hope to have what they wish for, especially when working within a tight budget. So, on many occasions, it can be very difficult trying to answer to the customer’s requests. In this industry, it is normal for the customer to be satisfied with the quality and the specification of the products, so one cannot deny that it comes down to the price. But when we manage to somehow overcome these issues and even get a thank you note from the customer, all the hardships can be forgotten! Of course not to mention that when we receive an order for a large project, it is also rewarding too!! Personally what I think makes this job interesting for me is, not only the work that I do but I also get to experience and understand global affairs and trends! For example, a component that cost 1000 yen a few years ago would now cost 800 yen because of the progress in technical capability due to corporate efforts and further developments by the component manufacturers. This sort of thing is very common. As a direct result, we are able to cultivate new clients that we couldn’t quite come to an agreement with before. Things such as the cost of materials rising are unwelcome news and have a big impact for us as well as the entire industry. However, in a real-time sense, you can directly feel that you are in the midst of the economic society and change. Regardless of what is said, it is important to match the needs requested from the customers to increase their satisfaction level. To realize this, every member of employee has to unite for the cause. If you are a person who is interested in electrical components (even if only a little), a person who does electrical engineering as a hobby, a person who likes to disassemble household electronic appliances, or a person who has a desire to take on new challenges, then I’m sure you’ll find this job worth doing.


Realising the satisfaction in
assemblying your own work

General Affairs Department Y・I

I saw that there was a vacancy in the accounting section of the company, and I applied because I thought it was a good opportunity to improve my skills by being able to acquire further qualifications and experience such as bookkeeping. That being said, although I had lessons in bookkeeping at university, I felt that applying it in a workplace was at a different level. I’m mainly in charge of purchasing operations and currently in charge of import operations as well. Due to dealings with companies from overseas, some payments will be in dollars and not yen, so I thought that the job might be too difficult at first because of the different market prices. However, these fears soon disappeared because my senior colleagues kindly helped and guided me through. What I enjoy most about this job is that I get to work by thinking things through freely for myself. When I first joined the company, I had no clue of what to do, and was constantly asking my superior. But as I gradually grew into the job, I started to understand the flow of a month’s operations and I began to make my own decisions to set the task of priority by XX date. As this made me very happy and grow in confidence, I wanted to start broadening the scope of my work duties. Though I am getting used to what I do, I still feel under pressure with the amount of work there is to do at the end and beginning of each month when deadlines approach. From checking whether the numbers are correct, issuing and following up many invoices, these things take time no matter how many times you do it. So when the biggest task is completed each time, I have a huge sense of achievement and it is one of the reasons why I continue to enjoy my work every month. After joining the company, you will have an interview with a superior once a month during the first 3 months. There is nothing oppressive about it and you can speak out freely as to what you are thinking and how you are feeling. When there are work related matters that you don’t understand or have difficulties in making decisions, your senior colleagues will always be there to guide you, so I think this is a company where you will be able to work with confidence.