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Employees Training

The employees training held in November 2019 for “Shichifukujin Meguri” (Walking tours of Yanaka Seven Deities of Good Fortune), was also included as a means of a health event.
Employees met up in Tokyo and divided themselves into groups of 5 to 6 people. Each group decided their own schedule (walking route, lunch time, tea breaks, etc.) apart from meeting up at Ueno Park as the final destination.

For the year 2020, we had been planning the employees training to take place in Kagoshima prefecture but it was cancelled due to COVID-19.
One of our employees from Kagoshima made an online slideshow for other employees to enjoy which has made us all eager to participate next year!

Various Health Events

Health Promotion Competition

Once a year, we carry out a “muscle test” (handgrip and back muscles) and a “balance test” (standing on one leg with a blindfold). The top 3 employees within the competition with a score higher than the previous year will be commended on the day of the company anniversary celebration, held every year in February. We will not be imposing on those who are in poor health condition.

Participating in Yamato Walkinpic

“Yamato Walkinpic” is a health event that is held in Yamato city twice a year. This event is participated by some of our employees. The team competition is held over the course of a month where each team competes for the average number of steps per day. We make entries according to departments and compete against other participating corporations as well as against each department within Fujiwa Electronic. We have our own prize system to encourage employees to participate in Yamato Walkinpic.

Fujiwa Walking

“Fujiwa Walking” is a company event which all branches take part in. Each employee is given a pedometer (lent by the company) and set their own monthly target number of steps. To walk properly, with good posture and strengthening the core of the body, we believe this can lead people to a bright and happy life in the future (at an advanced age). The target number of steps are set by each employee so that they are not imposed on and the main goal is for our employees to become aware of “walking”. *The event was cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19.

Kanagawa Treatment and Work Balance Promotion Company Regulations (Employment Regulations)

The below certification criteria only applies to the companies that have a head office and are actively in business within Kanagawa prefecture.

[Certification Criteria]
  • 1. Initiating a half-day paid leave system
  • 2. Initiating sick leave policy
  • 3. Initiating shorter working hours and expired annual paid leave saving scheme

Fujiwa Electronic has been certified as a “Platinum Company” from Kanagawa Prefecture due to the initiation of the above criteria.

A Supporting Company of Kawasaki Frontale

As a supporting company of Kawasaki Frontale, the company purchases “All Year Pair Tickets” to football matches that are played at the home ground of Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium. We distribute tickets to our employees so they can have the opportunity to enjoy watching live football. *The season tickets for 2020 and 2021 were not available due to COVID-19.

Employee Savings Plan

Employees can use the “Employee Savings Plan” with Mizuho Bank. Why not think about your future life plan with an effective financial scheme?