• Assembly・ODM


A complete support system that shapes your ideas into reality.

Speedy production capability. Technology that brings ideas to life. We provide full support to eliminate any anxiety factors that could lead to missed opportunities.


Examples of Assembly & ODM

Introducing some of our solutions to issues faced by our customers.

Circuit board installation

Using our strength as a trading company in making circuit boards, we also collect materials, kitting and produce sign boards. Our partner companies, both domestically and in China conduct installations according to the quantity and the purpose.

Harness processing

We carry out business with many partner companies including both domestic and overseas. We have a system to provide full satisfaction in terms of quality, delivery period and price by selecting the most appropriate partner company according to the requirement such as quantity and purpose of usage.

Resin casting / Metal processing

Depending on the quantity, we provide various processings such as injection molding, thermal molding and resin molding. A wide variety of resin molds are implemented in cooperation with partner companies in Japan and China.

Electronic devices

We not only handle circuit board installation but also resin molding, assembly and final production including the packaging box. Any requests on what kind of product you wish to make, please contact us as we can support from the initial development stage.


Introducing some of our achievements with our products.

TFT control board
for Android OS

We worked with customers who had been having difficulty developing the control board. After the consultation and research and development stage we have been able to begin mass production in just 3 months.

Air-condition switch
for vehicles

We implemented the design, development and manufactured an integrated resin molding including a circuit board with LED's, which is now in mass production.