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Sales Departments

Aim to propose products that defy boundaries

The Sales Department is a division that provides in-demand products and services, mainly electronic components, to electronic (IT) related customers. We mainly conduct PR for new products, as well as providing various support for existing products to our customers. The reason of our existence as a trading company is to bring out the full potential of added value. As a mediator for our customers and vendors, we strive daily so that both sides can feel the benefits. Our strength is that we have an in-house engineering department. We are able to utilize the procedural knowledge that we have accumulated over the years to solving problems for customers and for our own product developments. We would “SOUZOU (imagine)” as to “what our customers expect from us”, identify their needs and give proposals by shaping their ideas into reality. To be able to feel joy in this is one of the many pleasures of doing the job. There is another pleasure of thinking up a plan yourself and acting on it. You will have full support from colleagues who have experienced both success and failure, so why not put your abilities to the test? In the future, to contemplate further expansion in the market, we are also looking to expand abroad once again. To do this, it is necessary to bring in the power of youth. As the face of the company, the Sales Department is looking for new members who will flourish not only within Japan, but also someone who would like to try and succeed world-wide.

Device Sales Department

We take pride in our high quality and rich achievements

With our in-house production of custom power supply, our operations focus from the supply of components to the production adjustments and the final shipment inspection based on the requests of our customers. As for our daily operations, our main responsibilities are active sales promotion, preparing quotations, order management and delivery date management. It’s no surprise to say that a device would not work without a power supply and this is the most important component out of all others. However, it’s installation is left until the very end which oridinarily cause the budget and delivery date to become very tight. This is where Fujiwa Electronic’s strength comes in as having the advantage of being both a trading company operation and a development operation. Working together with the Device Production branch within the Development Department, we are able to make products that are competitive in quality, delivery date and cost. Especially when it comes to the design of analog circuits, it is rare to find a company with such high technical skills that we have an established reputation for our capabilities in the industry. Our customer feedback includes the fact that we are able to meet their precise needs with flexibility. It brings the team genuine satisfaction and joy when client’s gift us with their words of appreciation. What’s more, we get to personally experience how the product we were involved in is contributing to the various functions in our society. It’s this that brings a sense of great satisfaction for the Device Sales Department.

Device Production Department

Sincerity and skill generates the power to sustain society

The Device Production Department is the sole department at Fujiwa Electronic that deals with the production and development operations. In regard to production, we adopt the Fabless method with product design, production management, component supply, quality control all carried out in-house. Although small in numbers, we have set up a skilled team of the highest quality and even have patronage from well-known major corporations. Our clients have a strong image of us being good at producing diverse products and in small quantities. In fact, in terms of small lot production, we are able to handle orders from as little as 1 device and have been told by clients that in terms of cost, it is being kept much lower in comparison to our competitors. This is as a result of benefitting from having the trading company operation for the electronic components. We always aim to treat our customers with sincerity and try to answer requests such as shorter due dates and adjusting development costs as much as possible. So, we are grateful to receive many appraisals for this aspect of our work. We do not set criteria regarding our scope of work, whether it is with technical skill or production. Our basic approach is to gather the strengths of every team member no matter the department. We commit ourselves to solve tasks to achieve full satisfaction for our customers. There is a great sense of achievement and success when your hard work and efforts goes out and is contributing to the world. This joy of accomplishment cannot be replaced with any other.

General Affairs Department

Working behind-the-scenes to make the workplace even better

The General Affairs Department is made up with two sections, the general affairs section and the accounting section. The main duties of the general affairs section include human resources, labor management, general affairs, CSR promotion, crisis management, such as BCP, and other special appointment matters. The accounting section is involved with finance related matters, bank negotiations, payments and collection tasks involving clients. In contrast with the Sales Department and the Device Production Department which are largely “external” and customer facing tasks, our jobs are mainly “internal” tasks, to organize structures and processes to ensure the internal side of the company is running smoothly. It is essential to stretch our imagination, coordinate closely with every department in the company and constantly think “what can we do to improve the quality of our operations or to enhance the image of our company?”. Furthermore, all our employees are required to level up in skills such as planning ability and information processing ability. We aim to foster an environment where ideas that have risen from the accumulation of these efforts should be proactively proposed internally, initiating action like “internal improvements” so to speak. The above mentioned tasks require a balance between overseeing the company as a whole and to function as a mediator between departments. The General Affairs Department is relied on by all departments. Our enthusiastic team members are working hard every day for the good of all employees and any member of the department would say “Ask General Affairs if you want to know anything about the company!”.