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Message from CEO

HATTORI Hironari

Fujiwa Electronic hopes to expand the “circle of happiness” like the wide foot of Mt. Fuji between people and companies. (“Wa” of Fujiwa means “circle” or “peace and harmony” in Japanese.) Our company name originates from this concept and it conveys the founder’s will for world peace having had experienced the war. We have been contributing to society as a general electronics trading company since our establishement in 1975. Fujiwa Electronic has expanded its business spectrum with the changing times and now we have gained successful achievements as a manufacturer of custom power devices. Our future vision is to become a company that can provide much more unique services and products of Fujiwa Electronic. Above all, it is our pleasure to meet the needs of our customers and society through our work and to bring happiness to people. I hope that our work will spread “WA” from Japan to globally where people appreciate our company as well as our products. In order for us to achieve that goal, all employees, including myself, should commit oneself as a professional innovator to create new values for society. We cannot expect a prosperous future unless each and every one of us is living a fulfilling life and coexists with nature, rather than just pursuing profits. Our goal is to make a contribution to people’s health and environmental conservation through electronics. Please look forward to our social contribution through the future business of Fujiwa Electronic with our motto “Continuous innovation becomes tradition”.