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Newly Graduates Requirements

Newly Graduates Requirements (Graduated in March, 2021)

Job Category
1. Engineer (1 candidate)
2. Sales personnel (2 candidates)
Job Description
1. Electronic circuit design engineer: Electronic design / development (analog), trial evaluation, quality control
2. Route sales of major corporations
Bachelor degree: 200,000 JPY (monthly)
Associate degree / Diploma: 180,000 JPY (monthly)
Housing allowance, Family allowance, others: Provided according to company regulations
Commuting allowance (full expense)
Pay Raise / Bonus
Pay raise: Once a year (Apr)・Bonus: Twice a year (Jul, Dec)
Employees pension insurance, Health insurance, Employment insurance, Workers’ accident compensation insurance
Work Location
Enginner: Head Office (Yamato city, Kanagawa) Sales personnel: Head Office (Yamato city, Kanagawa), Sales Branch Office (Oyama city, Tochigi)
Work Hours
Weekends (120 days off per year),
however if a holiday falls on a weekday there are about 5 days per year which require working on Saturdays.
Annual leave: First year – 10 days (from 6 months after joining the company)
Long-term holiday: GW, Summer holiday, New Year’s holiday Special leaves for occasions
Benefit Package
Employee training system, Health events, Property accumulation savings, etc.
Training System
Training course for new employees (Inside and outside of the company)
Special training for each job category

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