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  • 小型化したい、省スペース化したい
  • 特殊な形状の電源を製作したい
  • 電源のノイズの発生を抑えたい(他の機器に影響を出したくない)
  • 電源をコストダウンしたい


「はやぶさ2」カプセル回収用 レーダーの電源製作


Development Achievements

Introducing some of our successful products with our dual advantage as a trading company and manufacturer.

Commercial use
Input voltage:AC100V
Output capacity:22W
Features:Small size, low noise

For traffic monitoring
Input voltage:AC100V
Output capacity:70W
Features:Low noise, multi-channel output.

For water purifier
Input voltage:AC100V
Output capacity:40W
Features:High voltage output

For train door open and close control
Input voltage:DC110V
Output capacity:7W
Features:Dehumidifying process.

For LED lighting
Input voltage:AC100V
Output capacity:4W
Features:Able to change brightness

For control panel
Input voltage:DC24V
Output capacity:6W
Features:DIN lane can be installed.

  • ・AC Power Supply
  • ・LCR Meter
  • ・Insulation Resistance Tester
  • ・DC Power Supply
  • ・Electronic Load
  • ・Hipot Tester
  • ・Digital Power Meter
  • ・Analog Oscilloscope
  • ・Temperature Humidity Chambers
  • ・Digital Multimeter
  • ・Digital Oscilloscope
  • ・Hybrid Recorder
  • ・Leakage Tester
  • ・Spectrum Analyzer
  • ・CAD for PCB Design