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To achieve ones dreams
through nurturing health and developing potential

HATTORI Hironari

As the CEO of Fujiwa Electronic, I sincerely wish for each and every one of the employee’s good health, the 100% blossoming of their potential abilities, and hope they will achieve their dreams.
As for myself, my biggest challenge is “How can I make Fujiwa Electronic a company where one can achieve their personal dreams”. My objective is to make the company into “a stage where dreams can come true”.

For example, because we deal with clients and vendors whose companies are in good standing and are in the first section market, depending on how strong your proposal is, we are in an environment with the chance to do big business.
Therefore, this would certainly be a very attractive environment for someone who is a positive thinker, ambitious and full of curiosity.
However, when it comes to the view of life, everyone is different.
There are times when it is necessary to integrate one’s personal vision and that of the companies. Even so, colleagues with different working methods and ways of thinking towards the job are united as a company, and they all proceed towards a common goal.
This could lead to fantastic results that are beyond expectations.
And that may be the area which feels most satisfying.

The sort of “member” that Fujiwa Electronic is looking for, is someone who wants to lay down their own tracks and not just there for the ride. Someone who enjoys imagining and regards themselves as the “Director, Scriptwriter and the Star“ of their life journey. I sincerely hope that the person would not just work for the sake of living but live their life to seek happiness by working and living everyday cheerfully and with excitement.
When I see the diligence and sincerity of our employees with my own eyes, that is when I come to feel that the above ambitions are steadily spreading.
I take pride in knowing that we have a group of employees that engages with customers in a sincere manner and will go to great lengths in trying to provide the customers’ requests.

“I want to make something like this.”
“I want to make this into a business.”
“I want to announce this to the world.”
“I want to change the present society in this way.”

For those of you who have passionate dreams like the above, why not realize that dream with us at Fujiwa Electronic?