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We believe that a company value is determined by how much it contributes to the happiness of its people and society. What makes people happy in life? The answer differs for each person as everyone has a different perspective on life, but we assume that being healthy is something that everyone wants. Fujiwa Electronic wishes for the health of all people, including the health of every employee. Our body consists of the food and water which we take and they are gifts from the natural environment. If the natural environment becomes contaminated, it creates negative effects on humans through the mind and the body. This can lead to illness as it is said “Your mind controls your body”. From this point of view, we have focused on health and the environment as an important management issue, and as part of our company efforts, we continue to renew certification of ‘Health and Productivity Management Organization’ for health, as well as ‘Environmental ISO’ for the environment.

What is “health management” at Fujiwa Electronic?

Fujiwa Electronic has been renewing its certification of ‘Health and Productivity Management Organization’ by the Japan Health Council under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry every year since 2017. Prior to that, our CEO Mr. Hattori, who is a certified healthcare manager, was inaugurated as the CEO in 2010. We have tried to create an open corporate working environment where we can freely discuss various topics. What is “health management” at Fujiwa Electronic? Here is a detailed explanation.

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Fujiwa Electronics’ health management is otherwise known as “super healthy management”

Fujiwa Electronic has been renewing its certification of ‘Health and Productivity Management Organization’ by the Japan Health Council under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry every year since 2017. Prior to that, our CEO Mr. Hattori, who is a certified health care manager, was inaugurated as the CEO in 2010. We have tried to create an open corporate working environment where we can freely discuss various topics. “Health” at Fujiwa Electronic can be expressed with the word “wellness”, which has become more recognized in Japan. Wellness is “a state of being alive and uplifting” and if we use Japanese words to describe this state, it would mean “super healthy” and our CEO prefers to use this word. Therefore, the health management at Fujiwa Electronic implies “super healthy management”.

What does “super healthy” mean?

Our CEO, Mr. Hattori, thinks that the definition of wellness—’being alive and uplifted’ is a state of genuine happiness full of gratitude and emotion. This state can be considered as the ultimate self-actualisation, where one is feeling excited, the happiest and being creative, and being free from negative thoughts such as anger, discontent, criticism and fear. The unity of body and mind will create an extremely healthy body and by being more conscious to lifestyle habits (food and exercise), one will be able to spend an ideal life at an advanced age, without needing as much nursing care. We believe that with proper guidance and practice, this can be achieved by anyone.

Why do we aim for “super healthy”?

The ideal states we hope for all Fujiwa Electronic employees can be summarised in the following three points:

・Each person enjoys “imagination=creation” as an innovator
・Having a clear dream and vision to live every day with enthusiasm and genuine excitement
・Make use of Fujiwa Electronic as an opportunity to make their dreams come true

Rather than walking a path that layed by others, we hope that each employee, as an innovator, to develop their own journey of life according to their desires and intentions. By doing so, they can offer new value to society and contribute to the creation of a better future. In order to achieve such an exciting life, we want our employees to use Fujiwa Electronic as a stage of opportunity.

Certification on health management

2024 Excellent Health and Productivity Management
Organization (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Division) Certificate

Kanagawa Treatment and Work Balance
Promotion Company Certificate

Kanagawa CHO (Chief Executive Officer of Health Management)
Concept Promotion Office Registration Certificate

Kanagawa Health Company Declaration

Kanagawa Health Company Declaration
“Health Promotion Initiatives” Certificate

Yamato City Health Company Commendation Certificate

Environmental ISO

Environmental Policy
【Basic Philosophy】
Our corporate identity is to contribute and realise a better environment for human beings through our business practice and activity as an electronic device general trading company, based on global orientated growth (and well being) and a growth (happiness) orientated mind. Therefore, we regard the effort on the environment as one of the most important common agendas in society today, with our emphasis on preserving the global environment we attempt to reflect that in our business activity and from our company management point of view.
【Action Guideline】
  • 1. We abide by environmental laws and regulations We attempt to avoid contamination by complying with environmental laws, regulations and codes and other requirements we have agreed.
  • 2.We offer environmentally conscious products We attempt to purchase environmentally friendly products and promote supply of environmentally conscious products and services, which are reflected by customer needs.
  • 3.We save natural resources We promote effective utilization of natural resources by rationalization of operation and efficiency of delivery for energy saving and waste reduction.
  • 4.We make an effort in solving environmental problems continously. We attempt to maintain and improve our environmental objectives and goals which are set by ourself.
  • 5.We foster an environmentally friendly corporate culture. We familiarize all employees with the environmental policy and promote their awareness of environmental protection such as prevention of global warming, conservation of natural environment and biodiversity through awareness building activities.

This environmental policy is published externally.

January 23, 2018 (revised)
May 23, 2005 (enacted)

Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd

HQ, Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Acquisition Date
December 30, 2005
JIS Q 14001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015
Registry Number
JSAE 1174
Certification Organization
JSA Solutions Co., Ltd.
Applicable area
  • 1. Applicable siteThe HQ of Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd.: 2-14-24 Chuo Yamato Kanagawa 〒242-0021 Japan
  • 2. Applicable business and activitySales of electronic components, devices and control equipment, development and design of custom power device equipment
  • 3. Applicable personnel All employees
Biodiversity Statement

We, Fujiwa Electronic, are promoting business activities with caring of ecological system based on our corporate philosophy, which are global-oriented, happiness & growth-oriented and willing to contribute to realizing the better environment for human-beings as follows:

  • 1. We regard the conservation of biodiversity as the one of the most important issues and make an effort to pay attention to our influence to biodiversity in all our business activities.
  • 2. We consciously purchase biodiversity conscious products, refrain from use of disposable goods, use products with care for the long term and attempt to save the use of water, energy and biological resources so that the current ecosystem will not be damaged.
  • 3. We have a vision for the future and make an effort to preserve the rich biodiversity for the next generation.
  • 4. We attempt to promote action for preservation of biodiversity while we make an effort to have communication with customers, suppliers and local communities.
  • 5. We attempt to increase our understanding and awareness toward biodiversity, thus enhance consciousness for preservation of biodiversity.

January 24, 2011 (revised)
December 27, 2010 (enacted)

Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd

CO2 Emissions Reduction & Control Statement

Increment of CO2 emission as a result of destruction of nature and mass consumption of energy, which seriously damage earth’s environment, is our common problem that all human beings should solve by decreasing and controlling the amount of the emission. Therefore, we, Fujiwa Electronic, recognize the agenda of earth’s environmental protection as one of our long-term continuous business challenges and make an effort to protect the environment and save energy according to Environmental Policy Statement in our business activity as follows:

  • 1. We make an effort to reduce the amount of CO2 emission by reduction of electricity usage for environmental conservation.
  • 2. In order for realization of circulating society, we use all kind of materials as long as possible, reuse as much as possible, and/or save energy resources.
  • 3. We reduce environmental burdens by renovating our business operations and eliminating waste through our daily business activities.
  • 4.We make an effort to enhance employees’ awareness of environmental protection.

December 27, 2010 (enacted)

Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Green Procurement Statement

We, Fujiwa Electronic, has been undertaking environmental protection activities by operating an Environmental Management System to the present. We continuously will promote green procurement which is less of a burden to the environment, by purchasing products and parts from manufacturers who can show “green procurement guideline” which satisfy requirement of laws and regulations such as RoHS or containing chemicals in cooperation with our customers.

December 27, 2010 (enacted)

Fujiwa Electronic Co.,Ltd.